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Simple, minimal and powerful logger for Python


Simber tries to be a minimal logging library with a lot of functionality. Most of the requirements of Simber are internal except one.

Simber leverages colorama in order to show colors in the terminal and keep it working across platforms.



Simber is available in PyPI here

It can be installed by the following command

pip install simber --user


Simber can be installed manually from GitHub. It can be found here

It can be installed manually by the following steps.

  • Clone the repo
git clone
  • Move to the directory and run the install script
cd simber && python install

NOTE: In the above command, you might need to pass sudo in order for it to install properly.

Get Started

Using it right away

Simber can be used right away after installing with a few imports.

Following is a sample code that uses Simber and prints some useful statements.

from simber import Logger

# Create a new instance
logger = Logger("test")

# Print an info statement"Just printing an info message from the test logger")

# Print a debug statement.
logger.debug("Just a debug message")

# Above message is not printed because the min level set is INFO

# Print a warning message
logger.warning("A warning message from the test logger")